Wednesday, February 28, 2007

fit for the Oscars...

Well, it's not red... but it is red carpet. In a mad panic for something to wear to a wedding this weekend, I managed to find a classic and beautiful frock in the first store we walked into. Nik seemed to think it was a once in a lifetime achievement. I say it was fate. Champagne-coloured silky fabric with a black overlay... love at first sight. Now I just need matching shoes and earrings!

emailing is exhausting

How often have you changed your email provider? It's not something I'd recommend you do too often as it's completely draining... We recently changed our home account and I think it was almost as tiring to deal with databases, websites, auto-unsubscribers and the like as it is to update your contact info when moving house. In fact, it's almost exactly like moving house... a cyber house. You need to trawl through your old emails, dig up user names and passwords, change account details, click on email confirmation links and send out mass "we've changed our address emails" to friends, colleagues and family... well those who you want to stay in contact with anyway. All the while you're stressing about which organisations you've forgotten to update and what you'll miss out on if it (that magical and important it) doesn't reach you at your new cyber palace... I have to admit that although I hate the thought of those kinds of loose ends, it's refreshing to start with a clean (spam free) slate and leave behind all of the junky newsletters and subscriptions you never really have time to read.


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